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Performed By:Austin Rising
Release Date:June 4, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 22 min

Losing the bet was the least of Matt’s worries.

With Amara and Alana’s support, Matt starts to get ready for the orphanage and school’s dream to become a reality. Neera, always around to pitch in, cheer them up, or cause problems, finds part of what’s been missing in her life. The Empire’s Princess, though, won’t leave the new Duke alone. She still has a score to settle with Remus, and if he’s escaped her clutches and fled to another world… Well… she’ll take it out on Matthew. When subtlety doesn’t work, when her nefarious plans go awry, she keeps upping the difficulty level, hoping to exact her revenge. If that isn’t enough stress already, the powers that be on Earth once again start to move in the shadows. Again, they see Matthew as a pawn in their schemes of power. If Matthew wasn’t so new and still getting his bearings, he’d be afraid, very afraid. Instead? He worries how he’s going to get a few hundred pizzas through the portal in time to give his orphans the party they deserve. When you play a game of two worlds, you always walk a fine line. Highspire is a fantasy LitRPG progression-based story. There are grownups in this book who act like grownups. They drink, they swear, they make bad jokes, and they fall in love. What’s not in this book? Sex scenes. Graphic or otherwise. There are plenty of jokes and innuendo about it, however.

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