Keem & Tasia
Keem & Tasia

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Release Date:June 4, 2024
Duration:15 hr, 20 min

Hakeem was an all-American ball player who had offers for a full ride to just about every Division 1 school across the country. Everything changed when his parents died in a fatal car accident, leaving him to care for himself and his twelve-year-old sister.

Seven years later, Hakeem is a senior at a local college, doing the best he can to ensure his sister Kaliyah graduates from high school while he balances hustling and college to ensure better days are on the horizon. With ball, school, and being on the block, Hakeem has very little time for anything that isn’t a priority, like making money and taking care of his sister. So, even though he wants the one woman who owns his heart, he keeps her at a distance. Hakeem refuses to bring Tasia into his world and not be able to offer the time and attention she deserves. Tasia had been in love with Hakeem since freshman year when he came strolling into her Literature class, taking the seat she had already claimed for herself. However, through the years, they never seemed to be able to find their way to each other. Now, months away from graduating college, Tasia has an encounter that causes Hakeem to place her in his life and under his protection. Both realize that spending time together is making it impossible to deny their feelings, but life continues to get in the way. There's also the dilemma of Tasia's lifelong dream of being a fashion designer, so before the ink is dry on her diploma, Tasia plans on moving to New York to make that happen. The conflict hits hard, presenting the question of whether or not she will be able to give up a future with Hakeem to pursue her dreams. Tasia knows Hakeem will never leave the streets alone, especially now that he has agreed to step up to fill a void. There is a tough decision to make, which could lead to her losing the love of her life. Good can be bad, and wrong can sometimes be right. What matters most is who you love and what you are willing to sacrifice.

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