Cocoa Beach Bride
Cocoa Beach Bride
Sweeney House - Book 7

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Release Date:June 4, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 26 min

As the dramatic Sweeney family saga comes to a close, the thrill of new romances, second chances, and exciting reunions fills the salty air of Cocoa Beach.

With Sam’s baby on the way, Dottie pours her heart and soul into putting the final touches on Sweeney House so Sam’s wedding can launch the new inn. But her world is tilted when the last thing she ever anticipated comes knocking on her door. Is it possible that widowed Dottie could love again? Taylor grapples with a major change in her father’s life and her paralyzing inability to forgive him for the past. Until she does, she can’t fully give her heart away… but can she let go of resentment and rebuild that broken relationship? While Julie meets her first big hurdle as mayor, she gets some help from an unexpected source… the chief of police, who happens to be a frenemy from days gone by. All the while, a mysterious new arrival with a dark past raises questions for all of them… and threatens to ruin the Sweeney’s most important celebration. Will the family finally finish the year-long transformation of the inn… and their hearts, or will a shocking turn of events send everything tumbling down?

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