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Release Date:June 4, 2024
Duration:8 hr, 18 min

Michael Caldwell—medical examiner, odd, blood obsessed.

His new life in Chicago consists of performing autopsies and eating chips while watching old detective series. Until… He’s suddenly standing in front of me. Leather jacket, washed-out jeans, jet black hair. His deep, green eyes are so intense on me I can barely breathe. It’s in his crooked smile, bold flirting, and confident—borderline conceited—behavior that I get lost. The fact that he protects me five minutes later during an attempted robbery only reinforces my crazy-instant attraction toward him, though. But there are shadows hiding in his gaze. And his apathetic yet possessive attitude confuses me. Makes me care. Makes me crave. Then secrets come out, and my life turns into a thriller movie. Now, I’m left wondering how this all started. And when the answer comes, I know I can never go back to my uneventful life. Would I even want to? Would I be able to leave him? "Never again," he whispers. This is an action-packed romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features an over-the-top possessive psychopath and a peculiar medical examiner with a stomach made of steel. There’s violence, torture (only of very bad people), dark humor, amazing side characters, and very spicy scenes with blood play. Morality’s grey area is quite stretched in this story. This is book one in the Angels of Wrath Series. Each book follows a different couple.

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