Age of Oracles

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Performed By:Kate Reading
Release Date:June 4, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:35 hr, 57 min

Contains books 1

3 of the Age of Oracles series. Book 1, The Rogue Mage With all of magic at her command, Alydian is born to power. She and the other oracles serve the people, guiding kings and commoners with their ability to know the future. Yet despite Alydian's power, she cannot foresee the coming betrayal, for a rogue mage lurks in their midst and plots an alliance with the mighty guild of Verinai. Under the guise of benevolence, the Verinai offer their magic to all, while their expanding reach is noticed by none—except the Soldier. Branded a traitor and wanted for murder, the mysterious man is no ordinary bandit. For six years, he has hidden behind a mask, hunting Verinai with his band of Defiant. But now his war is about to escalate, for he has targeted Alydian to send a message that even an oracle can be killed. Beset by foes, Alydian will require more than magic to survive, for if she cannot change her future...she will fall to her fate. Book 2,_ The Lost Mage_ The oracles have always been the guardians of peace. Now, they are the heralds of war. After a century of planning, their strike is swift and brutal. In a night of upheaval, the kings and queens are cast from their thrones, and their kingdoms are replaced by a Mage Empire. The people are quick to resist, but freedom lies in the hands of an outcast. Hunted by soldiers and assassins, Raiden retreats to a final refuge. As he prepares his last stand, an unexpected ally arrives at his door. She may be poisoned, but she is far from powerless. Together, they will build a rebellion that will defy the Empire. As the world prepares for a mage war, one oracle is noticeably absent, and rumors abound as to her fate. Betrayed by her oracle sisters and trapped in an anti-magic sphere, Alydian rots in solitude. Each day, she fights despair and madness and plots her escape. With her magic bound, even she believes she is helpless. But such power cannot be shackled. When it is unleashed, Alydian will break mountains. And the oracles that betrayed her. Book 3,_ The Battle Mage_ Alydian has shattered her prison and returned to the rebellion, arriving in time to ensure victory at Skykeep. The people now look to her as high oracle, but she is haunted by her escape… and the power she has unlocked. She is not alone in hiding the truth. Her enemies have their secrets, but it’s those of her allies that she should fear. With the Empire’s might at her command, Teriah gathers her forces for a final battle, but her plan is more sinister. With the aid of a hidden master, she has prepared a devastating plague, one that will bring the rebellion to its knees. Facing her greatest foe, Alydian must discover what she was born to become. A battle mage.

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