Don't Be Scared
Don't Be Scared

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Performed By:Alyssa Avery
Release Date:June 11, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 23 min

Every town has a history. Ours is just a little darker than most.

For years, I’ve celebrated Halloween and Hollow Bridge’s history with everyone else who lives here. Parades, festivals, and insane Halloween parties have always been a staple for us. Some bad behavior is expected, given what we’re celebrating. But murder has never been on the table before. Someone in Hollow Bridge wants to bring the stories to life, and they’re not firing any warning shots. When rumors of someone wearing a Halloween mask surface, it isn’t long before the first person is killed. No one is safe, and when I end up with a serial killer kneeling over me and a knife at my throat, I expect to be the next victim of the Hollow Bridge killer. I don’t expect him to speak to me from behind the garish mask he wears. “Who should be the next to die, Bailey?” Inexplicably, he lets me go. But I’ll never be safe from him—because he wants more from me than just a name. Don’t Be Scared is a full-length MMF standalone for anyone looking for a dark Halloween tale. Intended for mature listeners.

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