Through the Darkness
Through the Darkness
War's Edge - Book 4

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Release Date:June 11, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 23 min

When peace is in peril, the Marine Raiders go to war.

To annihilate the Galactic Union threat once and for all, Alliance Intelligence Director Aaron Hella needs the world-destroying firepower of the Ra weapons. Aligned with a sinister cabal of synthetic humans, he dispatches his most trusted operative—his own daughter—to steal two Ra warheads from a top-secret facility in the Planetary Federation. But the synths have other plans for the Ra weapons. To Hella’s alarm, they fall into the hands of General Umez, a radical nationalist who launched a revolt against Alliance rule in the Tellus System. The insane general intends to rejoin the Planetary Federation with himself as planetary dictator. Hella dispatches Lieutenant Mark Rizer and his team of elite Marine Raiders on the perilous mission to track down Umez and the Ra weapons. While the Marines of Rizer’s old unit battle house-to-house to liberate Tellus-3, Rizer blazes a bloody trail through underworld criminals and legions of revolutionary troops to stop Umez before he can blast worlds into memories. General Umez has his finger on the button, and time is running out. Through the Darkness is the fourth book in the War's Edge series written by USA Today _bestselling author of the Crucible series, Ryan W. Aslesen. Featuring gritty combat and realistic characters, the series is considered by many fans and critics to be the hardest military science fiction on the market. This book contains graphic violence, profanity, and sexual content. Intended for mature listeners. _ Includes bonus story, "The Duel."

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