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Release Date:June 11, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 41 min

After overcoming the immediate threat of the Drakkhan, Liam must now face new challenges.

Forced to grapple with the loss of his emotions and having found a new unlikely ally, he struggles to ascend to power faster than ever before. The Navalon Autarchy and the Elean Empire move with no hesitation in the background. Liam is supported by the Primordial Essence and his people, pushed to the brink and left with no other choice but to fight for survival. Continue to follow Liam's journey to its conclusion. The final part of his adventure has arrived. Delve into the mysterious world of the Convergence, an interdimensional tournament organized by an unseen entity. Watch a previously plain but remarkable in his own way man be thrust into a scenario filled with monsters and multiple intelligent species, all competing for survival. Experience a merge of LitRPG and traditional fantasy and science-fiction elements as a weak-to-strong story with fast-paced plot development and compelling characters. Monster fighting is combined with an overarching theme of absurdism and what it means to stay alive.

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