The Fall of the Third Temple
The Fall of the Third Temple
Arisen: Operators - Book 1

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Release Date:August 13, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

A girl traumatized by the murder of her tribe. A battle-worn woman who became the perfect machine for survival and the deadliest special operator on Earth. Now, with the entire world collapsing around her and safety–and Alpha Team–10,000 miles away… Strap in for the opening salvo of the ARISEN: Operators epic—the biggest and most explosive ARISEN adventure yet and the untold story of the pipe-hitting operators of the Unified Special Operations Command during the first two years of the Zulu Alpha. To have any chance of reaching safety in Fortress Britain, Master Sergeant Yaël Sion must first escape the collapsing gravity well of Israel as it’s devoured from within by merciless jihadi fighters, striking in the chaos of rampaging hordes of infected civilians, all in a global pandemic spiraling out of control. She must then cross a million square miles of open water, surviving one lethal trial after another, embracing and sacrificing allies, all while keeping herself mobile, supplied, and clinging to life. She will also have to confront and defeat her own demons, learning that solitude is not the only path to survival and other people are not always a lethal threat… if she is to find a reason for staying alive at all. The Fall of the Third Temple THE END STARTS HERE ARISEN Hope Never Dies

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