Soulbound 3
Soulbound 3
Soulbound - Book 3

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Release Date:June 25, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:11 hr, 2 min

The Gods lost the battle, but their war followed us.

Greystone is nothing but a painful memory. Yet Tan'Malas, the Dark God, has found footing in this strange new land just as we did. Establishing a home with enemies on all sides is no easy task, yet there is no turning back. This time we will fight the Dark God head-on and make sure no one takes our home away from us again. The Order, a fanatical faction devoted to Tan’Malas, rules these lands with an iron fist. We will use them as a stepping stone and make sure that the people have a choice in who they worship and support. With the girls at my side, Benny and Legs eager to taste battle, we will take on the entire world if need be. The embers of the Old Gods still burn within us, and we are dedicated to showing the people of this new world that the Dark God does indeed bleed.

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