Paved in Blood
Paved in Blood
Melnikov Bratva - Book 1

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Release Date:June 25, 2024
Duration:10 hr, 8 min

I’ll walk through hell to be with him, even if the path is paved in blood.

Emily Roman Melnikov is a deadly man in an expensive suit. I know what lies beneath the façade—the scars and tattoos that hint at the man he really is. He came here to find his sister, and his search led him to my dad and his friends. We both want to take them down, and the only way to do that is together. I had no idea how dangerous it would be, or that by the end of it, we’d all be covered in blood. Loving Roman is dangerous, but I can’t let him go. His path is leading him straight to hell, and it looks like I’m coming along for the ride. Roman The plan was simple: bring our Bratva to America, find the scum who took my sister, and kill them all. Then I met Emily, the daughter of the enemy, and I can’t let her go. She’s everything I’m not—sweet, innocent, good. Far too good for someone like me, but I can’t stay away, and now she’s a part of this. Change of plans: The only way to keep her safe is to keep her by my side… or on her knees. To everyone else, she’s my pet, the woman who belongs to me. To me, she’s everything—the woman who owns every part of me. I will do anything to keep her safe, and together we’re going to paint this city red. Paved in Blood_ is a steamy dark Bratva romance and the first book in the Melnikov Bratva five-book series. Each book will feature a different brother and his complete love story, but to enjoy the overarching story, listen in order. For mature listeners._

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