Meet Your Maker

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Release Date:October 15, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

From the imaginations of Seth McDuffee, author of the bestselling Big Sneaky Barbarian books, and award-winning screenwriter and audiobook narrator Johnathan McClain comes a new series that answers the question . . .

  “What would happen if you crossed the high fantasy of Wheel of Time with the irreverent comedy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”   Bruce Silver is the author of the Riftbreaker novels, one of the most popular, beloved fantasy book series of all time. He’s got everything he’s ever dreamed of having: freedom to tell the stories he wants to tell, legions of enthusiastic fans who wait eagerly to see what he’ll write next, and a really nice car.    But despite all that, Bruce finds himself dissatisfied, battling an ennui he can’t quite put his finger on. So he decides to do what anyone would do in his situation: burn it all down by unexpectedly killing off Carpathian Einzgear, Riftbreaker’s cherished hero. A solid plan with absolutely no downside whatsoever.   Until . . .   Bruce wakes up to find himself suddenly transported inside the world of the novels he’s written. And . . . seen by everyone he encounters as Carpathian Einzgear himself. Which is problematic for a variety of reasons, not least of which being that, when Carpathian died, he left behind a sea of destruction, broken promises, and shattered lives that Bruce is now responsible for repairing—only, without access to all the powers and skills Carpathian built up through the course of ten books. Bruce is going to have to start over at the beginning.

Meet Your Maker_ _is a comedic, epic fantasy series that asks the questions: What is fiction? What is reality? And does it make a difference, when everyone and everything is trying to kill you?   Bruce created this world. Now he has to survive it.

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