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Release Date:July 2, 2024
Duration:10 hr, 4 min

I was cursed.

It wasn’t an exaggeration. It wasn’t even dramatics—though I was prone to those. It was a fact. And a sucky one at that. After inheriting my grandmother’s home, I thought my luck had turned around. A fresh start in the one place where I’d found solace from my cruel father. But I was cursed, remember? So rather than a quiet life, I faced mysteries, con artists, disastrous dates, stoned witches, magicks, and evil organizations out to do evil things. And a house that was haunted. Only my ghost wasn’t a creepy specter with rattling chains. Nor was it a murderous Victorian child. It wasn’t even a comedic ghoul trying to scare me out of the house with a possessed singalong. That would be too easy. My invisible squatter was snarky. Pop culture obsessed. Disconcertingly charming with a voice that was otherworldly hot. And not actually a ghost. He wasn’t completely human, either. But that was okay. Apparently, neither was I… From USA Today bestselling author Layla Frost comes a twisty fantasy novel about fated mates, evil, and a spicy take on magicks. For mature listeners.

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