Shadow Throne

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Release Date:July 2, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 26 min

I am the Ebon Queen's daughter of shadow, but I am not hers.

She has threatened my men, and if she harms them, I will unleash dark magic. Would my shadows defeat the queen—or strengthen my bond to her instead? The dragon flights have returned but they throw our plans into disarray. Their first-born will destroy everything that stands between them and their desire to end the Ebon Queen—and that could include me. Luin offers to help but I’m unsure he wants to become more than my guardian, and the men now question whether an alliance is possible with such creatures. We return to our realm to make our next move but not all agree with Leander's decision to return to the stronghold. Devin and Rohan fear for our lives should we walk through the gates, but we may have no choice. Is Leander's position as High Lord enough to keep our group safe if we follow his plans? The Ebon Queen's forces have destroyed more of the land we travel through, and we face more challenges as we pass through the towns. Ebon elves and her dragon consort Cadenor pursue us as the queen steps up the crusade to bring me to her court. I fear that if she cannot take me, she will take my men. I'm prepared to face the Ebon Queen and the darkness within myself, but instead, she forces an impossible choice on me. I am a daughter of shadow, and this is who I must become, or I could lose everything. Shadow Throne_ is the last book in the Daughter of Shadow why-choose romantic fantasy series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. If you enjoy slow-burn, action-packed, fantasy romance set in unique worlds, you'll love this series with irresistible elves, a fierce warrior, a seductive lord, a strong magical heroine, and a dragon with a secret._

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