Rogue Ascension 4
Rogue Ascension 4
Rogue Ascension - Book 4

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Release Date:July 9, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:13 hr, 41 min

[Last time in Multiverse Z!] A Shade Dragon Rogue has grown stupidly ridiculously on-god overpowered. And nobody knows it!

Joey Eclipse has returned to his beginner challenge area after winning a solo dungeon crawl. He's the first Dungeon Master of his entire realm and can instantly swap out enchanted weapons from his dungeon inventory dimension. This is during an apocalypse where the multiverse integrates whole universes and initiates countless humans to its game-like realms of limitless magic. And while Joey is still a small part of the system, his shadow, necromancy, dragon magic, and cultivation of fate are way too overpowered for the average beginner to face. Here's the kicker: there's a grand prize of 25 Multiverse Gold Coins (the equivalent of 25 Billion USD) on his bounty. And there are two weeks for someone to win the big prize by capturing or killing Joey Eclipse. Who can beat the greatest beginner in the entire realm? The Sword Saint? The Unstoppable Six? An army of 10,000 adventurers holding Joey's friends hostage? That's what we're going to find out! Come one, come all! Let's see who can beat Joey Eclipse! This is where Rogue Ascension goes the distance. This book is perfect for fans of He Who Fights With Monsters, Cradle, and The Primal Hunter. Enjoy an apocalypse isekai with a strong progression LitRPG, cultivation system, and budding romance between two battle freaks going on grand adventures with their friends. Or listen for the overpowered main character, super magic fights, fast plot, loot, stats, and brand-new powers.

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