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Release Date:July 9, 2024
Duration:8 hr, 32 min

Gemini Fowler returns to the Enoraverse in the fifth installment of the Enora Unleashed series!

Kyra Bishop sits in a jail cell, facing the consequences of her refusal to betray her principles. The in-game murder of her arch-enemy by a new ally has landed her in peril. To secure her freedom, Kyra is forced to swallow her pride and make a deal with the one she loathes most, so she begrudgingly allows him to join her crew. But when she returns to Retribution, her powerful new ally, Admiral Grieves, introduces a mysterious passenger whose revelations about the demigoddess haunting Kyra’s existence send shockwaves through her reality. As secrets unravel and alliances shift, Kyra’s journey takes an unforeseen turn, propelling her in a new direction fraught with danger and discovery. With the fate of Enora hanging in the balance, Kyra must navigate treacherous waters to confront the truths that ensure a conflict for the ages. Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations in Eclipse, Enora Unleashed: Book 5.

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