The Last Sanctifier
The Last Sanctifier
Aeonica - Book 3

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Performed By:Suzy Jackson
Release Date:July 9, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 1 min

Trelidor reigns, and the heirs of Revera fight back from the shadows.

After spending six months in a coma, Nahlia has exiled herself to the eastern lands of Valaysia. Death has stripped her of her power, but she meets unexpected allies across the Sunrise Sea. Thane and Relyn pursue new allies as well. With their own kingdom held hostage, the rebel king and queen fly their airship over distant lands, seeking to build a new army of Ethermancers. Meanwhile, Ciena and Elias sneak into their home city of Raidenwood. Here, Ciena's crystal sword may be the key to unlocking her ancestor's tomb, finding his lost Codex, and turning the tide of the war.

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