Flirting with Disaster
Flirting with Disaster
Calico Cove - Book standalone

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Release Date:July 9, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 27 min

There are two things you need to know about me.

First, I am not cool. No, no, don’t let my tuxedo shirt and anklet socks fool you. I’m twenty-six-year-old-virgin not cool. I’m carry-my cat-around-in-a-special-backpack not cool. Second, I’m cursed. Every Piedmont woman is. We are doomed to fall in love with men who will break our hearts. So, I’m never going to fall in love. But I wouldn’t mind a little flirting. To do it, I need someone to teach me how. Levi O’Rourke lives above my bookstore. He’s sexy-mysterious-stranger-with-a-dangerous-past cool. He has mostly been a thorn in my side all year, but he is also a world-class flirt—which makes him perfect for my plan. Normally, a guy like him wouldn’t look twice at a woman like me, but he's surprisingly enthusiastic when I ask him for flirting lessons. Except after one fake date, the flirting lessons turn into kissing lessons which turn into… well, you get the idea. The chemistry between us is dangerous. I might be catching feelings. Real feelings for Levi, that I don’t think are going away. The kind of feelings that can get a cursed woman’s heart broken. Am I flirting with disaster? This is a fake dating, flirting lessons, steamy standalone romance. There’s a quirky cat, a heroine desperate to lose her V-card, and a gin-drinking grandmother who can’t keep her hands to herself.

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