Good Boys

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Release Date:August 20, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 21 min

When alien species converge on Earth, each enlisting the help of humans, only one author has the testicular fortitude to envision the madness that ensues: Jeremy Robinson.

In the serene backdrop of New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch, Micah Taylor, an ex-Army Ranger, finds solace with his loyal golden retriever, Grover. Their peaceful existence is suddenly shattered when a first date with his old friend, Jess Bender, takes an unexpected turn. Bright lights descend from the sky, leading them into the dark woods and a shocking discovery: the Kylonari, an advanced alien species with a special connection to Micah, here on a quest to find "The Lost Tribe"—a colony that vanished millennia ago. Micah, Jess, and Grover soon find themselves in the crosshairs of the enigmatic Twilight Directorate, a covert agency hell-bent on capturing the Kylonari. As alliances are forged and galactic secrets unravel, they learn of an even graver threat: the Draun, a merciless genocidal species. They have come to Earth, have infiltrated our society, and are eager to drag humanity into the cosmos’s deadliest war. Good Boys_ is a whirlwind of suspense, humor, and heart written by #1 Audible and New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Robinson. Dive into an action-packed tale where loyalty, love, and the bonds of friendship are tested against the vast and violent mysteries of the universe._

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