Reborn as the Black Knight: Volume 2
Reborn as the Black Knight: Volume 2
Reborn as the Black Knight - Book 2

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Performed By:Sierra Kline
Release Date:July 2, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 18 min

I was reincarnated in a fantasy world as the manifestation of absolute void—the Black Knight—and my goal is to return the destitute, sickly, youngest-born princess to her throne because it beats doing nothing.

The horrific struggle for power continues as war gnaws on the fringes of the kingdom. As armies of two nations clash with endless waves of bodies against one another, and ravenous monsters haunt and skulk in the shadows to gorge on the cadavers of the endless dead, the youngest princess of the kingdom, Acacia Odofredus Krone, continues her journey to ascend to her proclaimed rightful throne as queen, before her terminal illness—the consumption—steals her last breath. Not having the power to do so alone, she continues her journey and friendship with the most horrifying monster of all, with whom she is in blood covenant. It is a being whose name is whispered in sleepless fear by children around the world, an ageless monster from a nearly forgotten era of unimaginable power—der Schwarze Ritter—The Black Knight. Together with his horrifying strength that shakes the foundations of the world, united by a growing bond, she and Sir Knight collect together an inner circle of trusted friends and finally leave the city where she has been able to sprout, now traveling the world and spreading the first fires of the coming era of the Kingdom of Odofredus Krone that she dreams to create. Declaring herself, her ambitions proudly to the world and finally leaving the shadows of obscurity, Princess Acacia openly declares war on her noble family and the powers that be, pressing as a bloody thorn into the side of the kingdom that is already at war with an enemy nation. But as Sir Knight and his army of shadowy soldiers march at her behest against the bastions of power, building strongholds and fortresses under her proudly defiant banner, other, darker powers continue to chase their own ambitions within the three-fold anarchy that blossoms in the war-torn world. Can Acacia’s dreams of becoming Queen come to fruition before she succumbs to her illness, which even the greatest monster of them all can’t protect her from? Or is it just the futile, delusional hope of a dying girl? Can Sir Knight, even with his incredible, horrific strength, fight his way through empires’ worth of legions of steel and teeth for her cause? Or is the dark rebellion, led by the fearsome Black Knight and his princess, destined, like all monsters, to be slain by a power of greater light and hope before they can reach the end of their hopes? Find out in the second volume of Reborn as the Black Knight by trending fantasy and LitRPG author D.M. Rhodes!

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