Alpha Physics Omnibus: Part Two
Alpha Physics Omnibus: Part Two
Alpha Physics - Book 4, 5, 6

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Release Date:July 9, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:45 hr, 30 min

Contains books 4–6 of the Alpha Physics series.

Albury, book four: In Albury, Adrian and his team must face the most terrifying of all enemies: his fellow humans. Adrian's journey to get to Melbourne continues, and he realizes sometimes the only path to success is to do things slower. He has promised to accept the quest for Jules' sake, but his interface is also adamant that completing the quest is the only way he reaches Melbourne. Not only will he need to find the fortitude to kill, but he will also need to work out how to complete the quest requirements. Despite everything he has achieved and his own growth, the crime family that has taken over the town of Albury is both stronger and richer than them. They will need to use every trick in the book to defeat them while knowing that the stakes are real and mistakes have consequences. Dungeon, book five: The team has done everything right. They have killed off all of Adhava’s kids and in doing so denied her reinforcements, but now she has fled into a dungeon. Adrian and his team need to hunt her down; track her, find her, and then destroy her in an environment she knows, controls and has had time to prepare to kill interlopers. It is not an exercise as training facilities in the Alpha Physic framework have a real chance of death and with Adhava trying to ambush them at every moment it is going to be a tough fight. With discipline and luck, they might pull through, and if they do, the reward is a free Albury and a heap of experience that will position Adrian and the team to make the trip to Melbourne. If they fail… there will be no second chances. _Home Bound, _book six: Sometimes there is more to being a hero than luck. Adrian faces threats he is aware of; weak but numerous enemies that no one else would even think about challenging. He is not at all concerned because of a simple fact of life: if you know what's coming, the risk can be mitigated or avoided in its entirety. With his companions, new and old, along with the energy windfall from the hoppers, Adrian has the purchasing power and the fighting strength to make like light work of monsters that would otherwise be problematic. Of course, Adrian will also need to deal with the fallout from the snake—both the loss of a guiding hand and the hostility from the system. New challenges will be thrown in his path, and then ultimately, he will need to get past the echidna that awaits effectively guarding the approach to Melbourne. Join Adrian as he makes his way back to his family, in this final book of the Alpha Physics series, where he must finish the last leg of his journey.

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