Taming the Wolves
Taming the Wolves
Viking Omegaverse - Book 2

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Release Date:July 16, 2024
Duration:24 hr, 10 min

First, I was dragged into a fort filled with cursed Vikings. Now, I'm to be used as bait to lure out the enemy with the scent of my heat. And my only protectors are the very Vikings who dragged me here...

The world that Tamsin knows is on the brink of disaster. Her kinswomen have been found. Their sanctuary lies open for plunder, their military strength weakened by treachery. Poised to besiege them are the Vikings and Albans, joined together in a frightful alliance. But Tamsin has already made a crack in that alliance. After plotting the murder of her husband, she and her unlikely ally, Thrain Mordsson, must face the consequences together. The King of all Alba sends them on a perilous mission to make amends for their crime. The mission is to lure a dangerous Pictish warlord into a trap. And to kill him. Tamsin must work with Thrain Mordsson and his brothers to accomplish her task. While she knows she can trust Thrain, his brothers are still strangers. To succeed, they must learn to trust one another along the way. Tamsin will discover what she’s truly capable of, once danger arises under the full moon... Taming the Wolves_ is a fantasy non-shifter omegaverse romance based loosely on real historical events. It is the second tome of a six-book slow-burn with reverse harem romance and continues Thrain and Tamsin's story. The series should be enjoyed in order and this book ends on a cliffhanger._

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