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Release Date:July 16, 2024
Duration:17 hr, 10 min

Close your eyes. I’ll close mine too.

Growing up, I was the problem child teachers didn’t know what to do with. The troubled teen whose parents wished was never born. The system’s made of cracks, and I fell through each and every one, all in a futile effort to protect the family legacy. They tried to fix me. Doctors… therapists… teachers… pastors... And they failed. Epically. Now, eighteen, and fresh out of Hell, I’m thrown into the last place I ever expected. Rehab. Enter Nolan Dresden. Newly divorced. A recovering alcoholic. Almost double my age. He doesn’t think he needs to be here anymore than I do, and all he sees when he looks at me is a privileged little prince. When a team building exercise takes a deadly turn, stranding Nolan and me out in the wild for a night, not only do we find ourselves bonding over our shared trauma… but surrendering to a current neither of us can escape. Six weeks. That’s all we have together before we have to come up for air. He’s worried I’ll grow attached. I’m worried he’s right. Like the storms that rage inside me… there’s no stopping the inevitable. And when all is said and done, it’ll be a miracle if either of us walks away unscathed. Exiled_ is a full-length emotional M/M standalone for mature listeners._

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