Melody of Mana 6

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Performed By:Reba Buhr
Release Date:February 4, 2025
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

Brutal wars, devious political plots, and portal magic gone wrong . . . in this beloved fantasy-adventure series, skilled mage Alana has survived it all.  

  A mage’s life requires constant work to keep essential spells in place, but Alana doesn’t mind the effort. As part of the new government’s research and development team, she’s called upon to teach three promising students in the art of bardic magic. Meanwhile, she’s slowly pushing her own core to its highest level.   But when a royal ball erupts in violence, Alana joins the fight without a second thought. As a trusted advisor to Emperor Durin—and with the fate of the empire at stake—she must bring her fiercest resources to the battle . . . even as she mourns deeply personal losses.   In the last thrilling chapter of Alana’s epic story, she’ll face her most challenging quests and wield the most powerful mana yet.   The sixth volume of the hit progression-fantasy series—with almost four million views on Royal Road—now available on Audible and wherever ebooks are sold! 

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