Painting the Mists: Volume 2
Painting the Mists: Volume 2
Painting the Mists - Book 4, 5, 6

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Release Date:July 9, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:42 hr, 32 min

Books 4–6 of the Painting the Mists series.

_Pure Jade, _book four: He’d like to forget, but the pain runs deep... After fighting off a group of bandits, Cha Ming helps a people rebuild. His heart is heavy with guilt, but he can’t stay long. To face an inevitable foe, Cha Ming must journey to Quicksilver City, where he’ll meet the man who once enslaved him. Will he find the courage to face him? Meanwhile, Huxian, the two-tailed fox, is enjoying his new role as the ruler of a demon mountain. The perks are great, but the position comes with heavy responsibilities. When Cha Ming’s friend Wang Jun finds an immortal-jade mine on his doorstep, he has no choice but to defend it. It’s Huxian’s pride against Wang Jun’s ambitions. Cha Ming must find middle ground. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose one of his friends. Forever. _Corrupted Crimson, _book five: Some debts are never forgiven. Even in death... When Cha Ming goes to help his friend Wang Jun’s ailing business in the capital, the last thing he expected was to compete with a seer. Their opponent is always one step ahead, and it’s sink or swim in this devil-infested marketplace. To make matters worse, the king has been poisoned. Cha Ming is barely keeping him alive. If they don’t find a cure, a fight for succession is all but certain.... But the Song Kingdom’s issues run deeper. Evil spirits have sown deep seeds of resentment. Cha Ming and his friends must pull them out by the roots, because if they don’t, a civil war will be the least of their worries. _Kindling, _book six: On a Jade Moon between the stars, Cha Ming finds true love. But can he save her? Cha Ming’s qi core is broken. Practicing martial arts is difficult and painful. But the Monkey King is fading fast, and he’ll need something stronger than mortal medicine to recover. To that end, Cha Ming must cross the Bridge of Stars. The competition is stiff, and it will be hard to pass, even with the three-tailed fox Huxian by his side. It’s a good thing he meets a pretty lady who’s only too happy to help. Yu Wen is kind, intelligent, and everything Cha Ming could ever hope for. Their bond grows every day. But a great evil has been following her for as long as she can remember, and now it knows exactly where to find her....

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