The Perfect Stranger: Volume 2
The Perfect Stranger: Volume 2
The Perfect Stranger - Book 3, 4

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Release Date:May 18, 2021
Duration:9 hr, 29 min

Contains books three and four of the Perfect Stranger series.

The Perfect Lie, book three  This was supposed to be so easy. We go out west and start a new life. But then a gun goes off and everything changes. What happens now? How do we get through this? My hopes start to evaporate with each passing moment. But as long as Tyler is breathing, I have to keep fighting.  I am fighting for both of us now. But is that enough?  The Perfect Life, book four  Everyone thinks I'm a murderer, and after a while, it's easier to just give in. That's what I learned in prison. But what about now that I'm free? I have outrun my past. I have a new life, a future. But what about my old identity? Isabelle thinks it's worth fighting for. Isabelle thinks that I can get my sentence erased. But I know better. Corruption runs deep. That's why I got convicted in the first place.  I want to clear my name, but at what cost? What more will I have to give up in order to get to the truth?

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