Cruel Intentions

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Release Date:July 23, 2024
Duration:8 hr, 52 min

Her mother is a homewrecker. I have no doubt that she is, too.

She bats her eyelashes and pretends she’s innocent, but I know the truth. The blood in her veins is made of mud, and I will purify it. Kaye Pennington is the daughter of the woman who ruined my life. Now, I will ruin hers. It’s not fair; nothing in life ever is. When her innocence has been plucked like a flower… When she’s been made to pay for her sins… When she stands before me a broken reed… Her mother’s debt will be repaid. Until then, she’s mine. And I do whatever I want with my property. Dark romance author Cora Kent brings you a forbidden romance between a college bully and the innocent daughter of the woman who married his father. Cruel Intentions is Xavier and Kaye's story, a standalone in the Blackmore University series. Intended for mature listeners.

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