Radiation Hazard: Publisher's Pack
Radiation Hazard: Publisher's Pack
The Stasis Stories - Book 3, 4

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Release Date:February 23, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:16 hr, 39 min

Contains books three and four of The Stasis Stories.

Radiation Hazard, book three Kaem and company are commercially developing stade, a piece of space-time that's in stasis. Its phenomenal properties allow it to reflect all radiation, so when a nearby nuclear reactor undergoes a meltdown, the first thought is that stade might be used to limit the radioactivity from the accident. It soon becomes obvious that it's the perfect material for dealing with radioactive waste, and interest piques to use it to remediate a toxic chemical dump. Meanwhile, it's still being used to build rocket engines...and plans are in the mix for a space elevator! Halting the Reaper, book four Kaem has been treated with gene therapy for the anemias that have made him so weak. In combination with his extraordinary memory, his newfound physical fitness is letting him perform at a high level in a karate class. Meanwhile, the company that he, Arya Vaii, and Gunnar Schmidt founded to commercially develop his time-stopping discovery is starting to make money. Currently, their profits come from the use of the phenomenal physical properties of a time-stopped segment of space-time to build rockets. But now, people are clamoring to use Kaem's invention to stop time for those who are dying; not just people waiting for a cure, but also hospital patients in critical condition. Oh, and they're still working on their plans for a space elevator....

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