Tornn's Mate

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Release Date:July 16, 2024
Duration:7 hr, 50 min

Given to an alien brute. Forced to become his bride...

The rundown human worldship is a bleak place, but it's my home and it's where all the people I care about live. My mother, my sister, my students, and my sweet fiancé, Nathan. I never imagined I'd be forced to leave... forced to become the mate of a barbaric Darrvason admiral. The survival of humankind hangs in the balance, and I'm not the only woman whose life has been upended. Over two thousand young women are set to be handed over to the powerful aliens in exchange for fuel, repairs, and assistance in reaching a habitable planet. Payment. That's what we are, and we have no choice. My new husband, Admiral Tornn, is a huge, musclebound beast who expects my absolute obedience. In his culture, I'm little more than his property. But to my shock, he awakens a yearning within me unlike anything I've ever known, and his firm punishments and savage lovemaking are causing me to question everything I've been taught. Tornn's Mate_ is a dark romance intended for mature listeners._

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