Becoming the Godking
Becoming the Godking
Revenant's Revenge - Book 3

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Release Date:July 30, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:12 hr, 17 min

I can’t take it anymore. This curse, this undead curse… It makes it so every moment is nothing but pure torment.

I need to keep busy, to take my mind off of it and alleviate the pain. More than that, I need to find a way to rebuild my powers after I was tricked by my own allies, slain, and reborn. I can’t return to the human lands yet. The pact of non-aggression still stands. This leads me to accept a contract that will bring me to the land of the Witch Elves. A place where great dangers lurk—demons and abominations— but also tremendous power. In those ruins lays a weapon that allows the wielder to channel his discordance right into it to gain tremendous attacks and abilities. That blade is only one among a plethora of game-changing artifacts… That might very well be the key to my ascension. Because yes, the Cult of the Veil may be growing stronger, with new followers joining the ranks every day, and I may be starting to feel their worship empowering me… But if I am to climb my way up to actual godhood, I will need much more than a small congregation. I will need to capture cities and build temples and altars to boost my numbers. And for that, I will need every edge I can get. With so many threats lurking around the corner, I have no choice. Becoming the Godking may be the only true option I have to ensure my survival in the long run.

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