You're So Dead to Me

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Release Date:November 21, 2023
Duration:9 hr, 17 min

What do you do when three hot, possessive ghosts want to jump your bones?

I’m Bree, and I see dead people. Not all dead people. Only those with unfinished business. They’re everywhere—I’ll be eating my breakfast, and a poisoned heiress glares over my Cheerios. I can’t even enjoy the wilderness without being accosted by chattering ex-hikers who don’t understand which mushrooms are edible. I’ve returned to my hometown of Grimdale to cat-sit for my parents while I plan my next move. I’m looking forward to raiding their fridge, hanging out with their two mischievous kittens, and staying far, far away from anything supernatural. But I forgot that I’m never alone in Grimdale. The three ghosts I used to play with as a kid are back in my life again. Only now I’m their age, and they’re_ _infuriatingly attractive. There’s the slightly psychotic Roman soldier who loves the Great British Bake Off, the bossy, aristocratic royal prince who demands the finer things in life (er, death), and the blind Victorian gentleman adventurer who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body (or any bones, for that matter). My three ghoulish houseguests are the least of my problems. I’ve landed a job giving tours of the historic Grimdale Cemetery, and on my very first day, I stumble into a fresh corpse. The dead guy’s ghost needs me to solve his murder so he can cross over, but sticking my nose into spirit business might see me to an early grave. As for my three hauntingly hot friends? It turns out their unfinished business… is me. You’re So Dead to Me is the first in a darkly humorous paranormal romance series by bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. If you love a sarcastic heroine, hot, possessive, and slightly unhinged ghostly men, a mystery to solve, and a little kooky, spooky lovin’ to set your coffin a rockin’, then quit ghouling around and start listening!

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