Scoring the Boss

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Release Date:August 6, 2024
Duration:10 hr, 55 min

He negotiates contracts. She runs numbers. When they're left alone, will late nights in the office ignite forbidden flames?

In three years, I've poured my heart and soul into the Sarasota Sharks. My goal? To make them winners in all respects of the word. Now my mission's accomplished, the team and staff respect me, and not because my father owns the team. Sounds great, right? But what do I do now? I have no personal life, and after my last horrifically failed relationship, I am not looking to strike out. My heart's only got one last chance at swinging for love and I'm not ready to miss. Then she walked in. She struck me straight in the heart the moment I saw her. For the first time, I am feeling things I thought I'd never feel again. Her sarcasm, her peephole blouse, and those kissable red lips—let's just say she's hard to resist. She reads me like a pitcher just waiting to strike me out. The problem? She came in for an interview and now she works for me. And like an idiot, I made the rule—no boss/employee relationships. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Managing a professional baseball organization is easy. But controlling my feelings for my color-coding, pen-clicking financial analyst is proving to be the most difficult task on my to-do list. Do I play by the rules or do I risk it all and go for that home run to love? If you like steamy forbidden romances, Archer will melt more than your heart when he hires Megan as his finance manager. This series should be listened to in order. Each couple has their own HEA but you learn background on the side characters that's important when they star in their own book. _Includes a Sarasota Sharks bonus novella, _Swinging for Love.

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