Forensics of a Fable
Forensics of a Fable
Autopsy of a Fairytale - Book 2

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Release Date:August 6, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:8 hr, 53 min

Beauty cannot love a beast and emerge unscathed.

Still reeling from her last case, Detective Isobel "Bel" Emerson finds comfort in both her dog and her newfound friendships. But when she and her new partner, Detective Gold, are called to the site of a bear attack, they discover something far more horrifying: the body of a young woman posed inside a cabin where the furniture is all too big. And to make matters worse, the cabin is located on Eamon Stone’s property. As the detectives race against the clock to find the killer before he murders another girl, Bel struggles with her growing attraction to Eamon. He’s once again a person of interest in her investigation, and while she knows she should stay away from him, she can’t fight the thread of fate knitting them together. She also needs Eamon’s beast to help with her case because as more evidence is revealed, the more Bel fears a new predator has come to Bajka. The question is: is this hunter man or monster? Loosely inspired by "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," Forensics of a Fable is book two in the Autopsy of a Fairytale series, a crime procedural romantic suspense perfect for those who like dark fairytales, murder mystery/crime procedurals (like AMC's The Killing, Netflix’s Lucifer, or NBC's Hannibal), romance, found family, and a hint of fantasy. Each book will be based on a different fairytale, but Bel (and her Beast) will connect them all, her story ending on small cliffhangers in each book.

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