Fated to the Wolf Prince
Fated to the Wolf Prince

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Release Date:October 29, 2024
Duration:Coming Soon

Great Pack Gathering. Three little words. One mandate that ruined my life.

I'm a doctor and a researcher. My pack is small, in a quiet part of central Texas. It's a simple existence, and I like it that way. It's just me and my two besties, living our best single lives. That is until the mandate comes. Every unmated wolf in the entire world called to one place. I'm a psi, the weakest designation there is. I can barely shift, and there's no chance of me getting matched—only humiliated. It can't get worse—until it does. I've barely made it off the bus when I lock eyes with the hottest wolf I've ever seen, and he reeks of power. There's no way he'll be interested in me, a psi wolf who can barely hold her shift. Until my wolf starts acting crazy, my magic goes on the fritz, and I'm suddenly wielding way more power than a lowly psi. Goddess only knows what's going on, but there isn't much time for me to figure it out. Oh, and there's one more little thing. Mr. Hottie McPowerful? He's the prince of the shifter world, and my fated mate, whether he wants to be, or not. This steamy wolf-shifter paranormal romance from April L. Moon is perfect for fans of Shannon Mayer and Jaymin Eve. This book contains an HEA for our main couple but the story arc spans multiple books, each containing a new couple and a new romance, while still bringing in familiar faces until our world's problems are solved.

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