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Release Date:July 23, 2024
Duration:12 hr, 15 min

A bright new future lies before her... even as echoes of the past haunt her dreams.

Clara’s memories of the last few years are lost in a haze. The more she tries to remember, the harder it is. And perhaps that’s just as well. Perhaps, it’s better for her to focus on the present... and the future: a beautiful future with Danny Gale as her husband and her place in good society restored, comfortable and content. With her wedding less than twenty-four hours away, Clara seeks to reunite with her brother, eager to repair their relationship. But she finds Oscar in a manic state. He raves about other worlds, about magic and curses and people Clara knows nothing about. She fears he’s lost his mind entirely... but something he says sparks a memory of a haunting voice which sends heat rippling through her veins and steals the breath from her lungs. Determined to go through with the wedding, Clara dons her gown and arrives at the chapel, only for an unexpected guest to appear. Suddenly, all of Oscar’s lunatic claims become a terrifying reality. The realms of Eledria are not through with Clara Darlington just yet. She still has a part to play in the deadly schemes of kings and princes. And doom is poised to fall on the City of Vespre. The epic conclusion to this terrifying and romantic series. Clara confronts her demons once and for all... but will she be in time to save the Doomed City and everyone she loves?

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