SGT. THOR the Damned
SGT. THOR the Damned
Sgt. Thor - Book 3

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Release Date:October 8, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

All the way!

Beyond the City of Thieves, lost deep in the Eastern Wastes, Sergeant Thor and his companions rescue the descendants of a legendary military unit from a pack of deadly vampires and their vengeful queen. Now he must ally with these modern-day Spartans in their quest to fulfill a solemn oath and pay a debt incurred long ago, as they march on the Plane of Fire straight into the teeth of a full-blown war between Efreet and Djinn. Fire giants, hellhounds, and a host of other mythic foes assemble against the legendary U.S. Army Ranger sniper and his mission to rescue the City of Brass from an overwhelming horde of berserkers at the gates. But they have no idea who’s coming for them… Combat, magic, and intrigue throw down the gauntlet as Sergeant Thor accepts a deadly challenge from which he may never return. As always, Rangers lead the way, and Sergeant Thor is… In it to win it!

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