The Tinderbox

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Release Date:November 19, 2024
Duration:Coming Soon

What if Romeo and Juliet had survived and become middle-aged parents?

In this riveting standalone followup to The Tinderbox: Soldier Of Indira we are presented this question along with the other realities that happen long after the "happily ever after" of fairy tales. Through twenty years of prosperity and progress, King Everson and Queen Allegra have lovingly nurtured peace between the once mortal enemies, Indira and Mano. The war which nearly drowned both worlds in chaos is merely a memory. But peace can be fragile... Unexplained tremors beneath the ground can no longer be ignored. They grow stronger each day, impossible to miss. Some claim it's nothing. Others, that it foretells the apocalypse. This new and unforeseen threat opens old wounds and creates fresh fissures within the palace, throwing the court into a maelstrom of palace intrigue, conspiracy theories, paranoia, and political posturing. Can Everson and Allegra hold the kingdom together? Or is it doomed to split once more... Actor and writer Lou Diamond Phillips returns with this epic science fantasy tale. This book stands alone as it tells a story of service, family, and the lengths we'll go to keep the things we love together.

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The Tinderbox
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