The Hunted Heir
The Hunted Heir

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Release Date:November 26, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

From USA Today bestselling author Holly Renee comes the second book in the scorching romantasy series with enthralling secrets, impassioned enemies, and luring tension.

Verena was the lost princess of Marmoris, the very thing we had spent our entire lives looking for, and I had let her go. The lingering taste of her mixed with the deep ache in my chest over her betrayal haunted my days and nights. I knew she was hiding something, but her secrets were far more treacherous than I could have imagined. Though I wished my own betrayal hadn’t been so bitter on my tongue. Now, my dreams are haunted by the way her deep blue eyes looked up at me in shock when I revealed I knew her truth. The way I crave for her to look at me now as I hunt for her. Me, along with half of the rebellion. If my father finds her before me, there is no telling what he will do to her. And even though she's the little traitor I always thought she was, I can't allow him to find her. But his orders were clear. The princess is to be taken by the rebellion or she will be taken by the gods. I don't know which is worse. She is the heir to our kingdom, the daughter of the cruel king who was responsible for my mother's death, and the key to winning our rebellion. I vowed to my father that I would find her, the one person I wish I didn't have to. Verena is the hunted heir. But more than anything, she is mine.

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