Lights Out
Lights Out
The Grid - Book 1

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Release Date:August 13, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 26 min


Formula 1 has been my dream ever since I saw my first race and was captivated by a driver with pride shining in his green eyes as he held his trophy high. Eight years later, I got my chance to make it a reality. It's a dream come true, except... The same driver who ignited my love for racing, who I idolized through my youth, and whose posters currently line my bedroom walls... is my new teammate. Ryder My father once dominated the grid, but now I carry the weight of his legacy on my shoulders. After a rough season threatens to bury the King name, I'm back with a fresh team under new ownership and more determined than ever to take back what's mine. I want nothing more than to keep my father's legacy alive and reclaim my title. Until she came in... and everything I thought was most important to me changed.

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