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Release Date:October 31, 2023
Duration:10 hr, 21 min


I cultivated my shamelessness. I wore it as a badge of honor at my convent school, and I’ve been turning it into an art form at Alchemy, the club whose social media I manage. My boss, though? He’s the most proper person I’ve ever met. No one would peg him as the finance director of a sex club. (I mean, no one’s pegging him at all, which is probably his problem. #justsayin) I get it. He’s a widower, single-parenting two little girls while holding down a massive job. He needs an outlet, something just for him. Besides, I’ve seen the looks he gives me. Equal parts disapproval and desire. Looks that compel me to bring him back to life. Which is why I proposition him to do unspeakable things to me. Use my body to find some light in his darkness. After all, he has an entire sex club at his disposal. Surely it’s rude not to indulge? Zach This woman will be the death of me. It’s deeply unfortunate that my soul only finds peace when my hands are on her body. I’m beginning to understand that the basest pleasures of the flesh can overrule the most elevated emotions of the heart. She looks like the embodiment of sin. But God, she feels like salvation. Undulate is a scorching hot age gap, single dad romance with an MMC who’s wounded and widowed and one of the most wonderfully unrepentant FMCs you’ll meet. It features characters you’ve met in Unfurl but has a standalone, monogamous HEA (despite the helping hands our MCs encounter at Alchemy along the way). It can be enjoyed on its own or as a sequel to Unfurl.

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