The Runesmith's Trials

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Release Date:July 18, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:12 hr, 5 min

This is it, the day I take over my father’s adventuring shop!

Set at the base of Gianskarl mountain, where lies a vast and mysterious dungeon, this is the perfect spot. Many adventurers come to try their hand at the Karl in the hopes of hitting it big. And it’s up to me now to sell them the equipment they’ll need to face the dangers that await them. But where my father was content selling trinkets for a pittance, I want to turn this modest shop into the industry leader. Heck, I want to make a fortune out of it so I can help grow my poor village, Karlton, into a thriving city and accomplish my dream of building New Valley. To help me in this endeavor, I can count on my skills as a Level 1 Runesmith. My plan is simple enough: inscribe the items I sell with various enchantments to improve their stats and command higher prices. There’s just one tiny little problem. See, my shelves are pretty much empty. I have no inventory and I also miss the scrive I would need to create the runes in the first place. To add insult to injury, that scrive ought to be fashioned from a magical beast’s body parts; the more magical, the better. And I just happen to know exactly where to get such a rare find: in the boneyard of Giants, resting within the dungeon. Yep, seems like the only way for me to kick start my new venture is to delve into that death trap in search of items to sell and the magical bone for my scrive. But there’s a reason no one from our village dares to enter the foreboding place. As I’ll soon find out, the Karl is home to all manner of strange creatures and spirits that will not hesitate one second to turn you into their next lunch. One thing is certain, I will need all the skills I learned as an apprentice Runesmith to succeed in my mission and come back alive. But hey, who said the life of a shopkeeper was a peaceful and uneventful one?

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