Damaged & Deadly
Damaged & Deadly
Black Creek - Book 3

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Release Date:June 27, 2023
Duration:10 hr, 27 min

Blood will be shed. Lives will be lost. Lines will be crossed.

I married the very man I’m supposed to hate. I still can’t believe it, but when I saw Luc beaten and bloody in that church, I knew there was no way out. I had to marry him. That doesn’t mean everything the Rejects and I have worked toward has been for nothing. If anything, it matters more now than ever. Once again, the Antonellis have incurred my wrath. They’ve stolen my brother, and I will do whatever it takes to rescue him from their clutches. The problem is, in order to achieve such a task, we all need to work together. All five of us. Me, Cain, Oliver, Dante, and Enzo. How the hell am I meant to get two groups of men on opposing sides to even be in the same room together, let alone work side-by-side? To trust one another? It’s a tall order, but like I said, I will do whatever it takes to get my brother back, even if it means putting my faith in my so-called enemies and crossing territorial lines that were never meant to be crossed. My brother is my life, the sole reason for my existence. I will get him back, and I'll murder anyone who gets in my way. Damaged & Deadly is a dark, contemporary romance with one strong FMC and multiple love interests. Contains mature content.

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