Down to Three

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Release Date:June 13, 2023
Duration:8 hr, 33 min

Win or Die. There is no second place in the Galaxy Games.

Ripped from Earth and thrown into The Game, Willow is teamed with two genetically engineered alien males in a treacherous race to the finish line. The three must endure the grueling landscape, ruthless competitors, and evil gamemasters. The only thing keeping Willow alive is the humanity of her inhuman teammates. Is it possible for affection and tenderness to bloom under The Game’s cruel challenges, ever-present camera drones, and constant threat of death? Only one team will make it out alive. In the end, it all comes down to three. Are you brave enough to join Willow, Valor, and Braveheart on their adventure as they dodge death and discover their profound attraction? Down to Three is a gritty standalone novel in the Galaxy Games Hostile Planet Alien Romance series. It is intended for mature listeners.

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