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Release Date:April 26, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 51 min

The prince and the librarian.... Clara is an Obligate: a human servant at the Court of Dawn.

She doesn't know why. She knows only that she broke the Pledge and must therefore spend her days obliging the every whim of a capricious fae princess. If she can keep her head down and follow the rules, she might survive to the end of her Obligation, spending her days working in the vast palace library. But how can she stop devastatingly beautiful Lord Ivor from looking at her in that special way that makes her heart stutter? And how can she avoid the jealous fury of Princess Estrilde, who seeks to claim Lord Ivor for herself? Most of all, how can she elude the conniving Prince of the Doomed City, who is determined to buy her Obligation for his own dark purposes?

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