The Ro Bro
The Ro Bro

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Release Date:June 20, 2023
Duration:12 hr, 23 min

Essie Smith-Scott, the author known as SS, has been the number one erotic romance writer in the world for the past ten years.

Movie deals, merchandise, dozens of books on the New York Times bestseller’s list, and the founder of the biggest romance convention to ever hit the planet. Scoring an invitation to the Sin With Us Romance Convention in Las Vegas is the big break every romance author hopes for, and Cynthia Lear’s name just made it to the top of the waitlist. She’s in. And she’s gonna make the most of it. This is her chance to shine and propel her career into the stratosphere. But then she meets Essie’s twin brother, Steve. Not only is Steve Smith handsome and charming, he loves her work—and he’s also…lying. To the whole world. Literally everyone. Because his twin sister, Essie, isn’t the one who’s been writing all those super-spicy Master Choke books all these years—it’s Steve. Written by New York Times bestselling author JA Huss and actor, author, and narrator Johnathan McClain—The Ro Bro is a rompy feel-good adventure through the secret life of romance authors and the conventions they attend. Prepare to laugh so hard you pee your pants. This is a story that will make you smile every time you think about it. (P.S. If you’ve never been to the biggest romance convention in the world, well, now you don’t even have to go. Because they all happen just like this.) ;)

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