Cowboy's Bookshop Bride
Cowboy's Bookshop Bride
Trinity Falls Sweet Romance - Book 4

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Release Date:November 28, 2023
Duration:5 hr, 29 min

This single dad refuses to lose his heart to a city girl. She reads the lonesome cowboy like a book.

Brody Webb has earned a reputation as a pretty boy who would gladly give you the shirt off his back. In spite of his good looks and big heart, Brody’s devotion to the family farm lost him his ambitious wife. When the city girl who bought his uncle’s bookshop forms an instant connection with his kids, Brody is smitten despite himself. But he fights tooth and nail not to show it. After all, what would an interesting young woman like Sarah want with a small-town farmer so boring he couldn’t even hang onto the mother of his two beloved children? Sarah Robinson has dreamed of owning the bookshop in Trinity Falls since she lived in town briefly as a little girl. When the owner is finally willing to sell, she happily buys it sight unseen. She arrives to find that the old place has a junky basement, a leaky roof, and some uninvited occupants. But the biggest problem for her is Mr. Webb’s nephew, a man so handsome he looks like he stepped directly off a billboard and into the bookshop with the sole purpose of making her heart pound out of her chest and her cheeks burn off her face. To make matters worse, he has an adorable son and a brilliant, book-loving twelve-year-old daughter that Sarah takes to right away. To top it all off, Brody makes her feel safe and protected in a way she hasn’t in a long, long time. Sarah is determined not to make a fool of herself over the achingly handsome single dad. A man as beautiful as Brody Webb would never fall for a plain Jane like her. When circumstances throw them all together to solve a local mystery and get the bookshop ready in time for the Christmas rush, it becomes harder for Brody and Sarah to deny their helpless attraction. Will the big cowboy manage to keep his burgeoning feelings on ice? Or will the holiday magic of Trinity Falls ensure that Christmas comes early for them both? Cowboy's Bookshop Bride is book four in Trinity Falls Sweet Romance, a series all about finding family one clean and wholesome romance at a time. You'll lose yourself in these feel-good books celebrating love, family, and the very special small-town community of Trinity Falls.

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