LUX-3: Force Field
LUX-3: Force Field
LUX and the New TECH - Book 3

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Performed By:Brian Holden
Release Date:December 26, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 11 min

Lux is finishing his Aeronautical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech.

His father begins to support him again, but he is starting to get noticed a little too widely outside his peers. He has to hire a 24/7 security team. The Israeli intelligence operatives, alerted by Professor Helmann, are the first to arrive. SpaceX becomes interested when Lux tries to obtain spacesuits suitable for extravehicular activity in a vacuum. Lux starts flying frequently and upgrades SpaceX rocket shells with Blakely thrusters. Chinese operatives attempt to obtain the tech by any means and won't stop. The deepfake video personality, Lummi, has reached popstar status and is pressured to give live international concerts of her music. The deepfake videos produced by his AI, Anna, continue to improve and produce income to fund his research. Lux applies to MIT for a Ph.D. in their AeroAstro department to investigate the strange field effects of his discovery. The mystery of the effect is beginning to unravel.

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