A God's Plea

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Release Date:December 13, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:18 hr, 36 min

The legend of Tal Harrenfel has reached its final verse. 

But though Tal has embraced his gifts, and Garin has discovered his own, their greatest trials lie ahead. Tal, Garin, and their companions begin their approach to Ikvaldar, the mountain atop which the immortal sorcerer Yuldor waits. Before they can challenge Yuldor for the Worldheart, however, they must first overcome Ikvaldar's formidable defenses. Their quest will carry them into the heart of enemy territory. There, they will encounter their deadliest foe yet, one who may eclipse even Tal's towering potential. The last battle is near. The legend is at its end. For Tal and Garin to remake the world, it will require sacrifice beyond their imagining... _A God's Plea _is the final instalment in The Legend of Tal series.

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