Goblin Queen

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Release Date:May 9, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 21 min

The King has returned! But so has the Queen…

Fresh from their trials in New London, Reece and his friends return victorious to the fantasy realm of Nasgar, finally armed with the location of Citadel. Having unlocked the godlike powers of Kono-Zemsu and raising the level cap to 99, nothing seems able to stand in their way of finally reaching home and saving the people they love. But things are not well upon their return. The dreaded Goblin Queen has resurfaced, wielding dark powers beyond anything the realm has seen before. Plus, an old nemesis from Reece’s past is laying siege to his home village as well. Trapped between two armies, Reece and his friends must reach the new level cap to become strong enough to overcome both foes. As darker forces conspire in the shadows, the fate of not just Citadel, but the entire realm of the Crystal Shards, may be resting in their hands. Will Reece be strong enough to stop them? With the power of a Kono-Zemsu, he has a chance, but nothing comes easy in the Shards…not even with the power of a god.

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