Night Sector
Night Sector
V-Clan - Book 2

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Release Date:December 26, 2023
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:8 hr, 23 min

I never wanted a mate.

Especially not her—the notorious assassin known for killing Alphas. But as fate would have it, she became mine. Fortunately, we have an agreement. One where I rarely have to see her, and she pretends I don't exist. Everything’s fine—Until she’s kidnapped by a sadistic Vampire Alpha hellbent on turning her into his own personal Omega blood bag. Now, I’m the only one who can hear her screams. And I’m really f-cking pissed off. I might not want her as a mate. But she’s mine. Mine to protect. Mine to avenge. Mine to hunt. Don’t worry, little killer. I’m coming for you. And when I find you, I’ll hand you the silver blade and watch you slay. Night Sector is a standalone dark shifter romance with Omegaverse vibes—A, B, O dynamics with knotting, nesting, and biting.

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